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Rock-Ness Hanglemezbolt




A kép nagyításához kattintson a képre.

Ár: 4 290 Ft
15.5 €

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1. Ex Cathedra - Ouverture 02:02
2. Monolith of Doubt 03:32
3. My Pledge of Allegiance #1 - The Sealed Fate 06:24
4. Emphasis 04:20
5. Intrinsic 06:44
6. Zenith 04:21
7. Estranged (A Timeless Spell) 06:56
8. Imperfect Tenses 04:07
9. My Pledge of Allegiance #2 - The Tempted Fate 05:07
10. The Key 04:48
11. Forlorn Hope 06:20


Hossz: 54:41

Megjelent: 2001.05.27.

Stílus: Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal

Alakult: 1995, Reuver, Netherlands

Floor Jansen - Vocals (soprano)
Mark Jansen - Guitars, Vocals (screams)
Sander Gommans - Guitars, Vocals (grunts)
Luuk van Gerven - Bass
Lando van Gils - Keyboards
Andre Borgman - Drums, Guitars (acoustic)

Egyéb információ:

Monolith of Doubt:       Monolith of Doubt The ordeal has begun To oblige the unknown, within me As I drown Cannot remember, cannot think As I sink, deep... Near the monolith of doubt creeps the fear The fear to lose yourself In the severe reflection I don’t know A flashing moment that has frozen me My whole existence passed by Through the trusted eyes of a mirror But it wasn’t me I could see This monolith of everything that I have been Is vacillated and aghast The inexorable time has taught me once again That my features will change and macerate me See, it’s me, my monolith of doubt

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