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Ár: 4 590 Ft
2 490 Ft (9.0 €)

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01. Drowned
02. The Girls (Bombay Overdose Version)
03. Logic Friends (Remixed by Kartagon)
04. The Rich Are All Perverted
05. Contradictive (Yes = No Version)
06. Pale (Above The Arctic Circle Version)
07. Il Bacio Della Realizzazione (Remixed by Klangstabil)
08. Handoutdrugs
09. E Minor (Red Chapel Version)
10. I Wait For You (Ionized Version)
11. Exploitation
12. On The Rocks
13. World Of Ice
14. Friends We Used to Know (Remixed by Frozen Plasma)
15. Leaving Hollywood (Chamber Version)

Kiadó: Accession Records

Megjelent: 2005

Stílus: Electronic

Alakult: 1996, Germany

Torben Wendt – lyrics, vocals, keys, percussion
Felix Marc – co-production, keys, vocals
Zura Nakamura – guitars
Markus "Marquess" Halter – drums

Egyéb információ:

Diorama is one of the most renowned electro-gothic acts out there. They might had started as a band with a Diary Of Dreams familiar sound with "Pale", but someone could notice that the way they were expressing their emotions and atmosphere was quite personal and unique. As a matter of fact, Torben Wendt, the mastermind of Diorama, managed to form his very own sound throughout the years, a sound that owes a lot to his inner world because the band has quite an esoteric approach, not only lyrically and atmospherically, but also musically.

Well, to tell the truth, remix albums nowadays have become a kind of a trend in the scene and I don't like that fact simply because when a band of the electro scene wants to make an easy release offers to the audience a remix album where renowned artists take part. I still consider this movement commercial in a way, judging from the fact that this is the third release of the band in a year's time (they released their fourth full-length album and re-released their debut album, "Pale", with bonus tracks), but you won't find well-known artists here, but remixes from underground acts and alternative versions from the band itself.

On "Repale" though you won't find only remixes and different versions of Diorama songs, there are unreleased tracks as well that make this release very interesting, especially since some of the unreleased compositions are really wonderful. The esoteric and deep "Drowned" and the emotional and danceable "World Of Ice" for example are two brilliant songs that will please the friends of the band for sure as well as the very interesting "Handout Drugs" and "Exploitation".

Most of the remixes/new versions vary between interesting and really good, lending another approach to the original version of the songs. I, personally, would consider as most important remixes of this release the dreamy and melancholic version of "Logic Friends", the devout and intense remix of "Friends We Used To Know", the affected and well-rebuilt "Contradictive" and "E Minor" and, above all, the Chamber Version of "Leaving Hollywood" which consists one of the few cases that the new version surpasses the original with its fragile and heart-rending approach!

"Repale" is a good release and refers only to the fans of the band, it could have been better if songs like "The Rich Are All Perverted" and "Il Bacio Della Realizzazione" (which I consider of no importance) were not part of the album and if some remixes were more well-interpreted, but ok, you can't have everything, they are remixes after all. The fans won't be disappointed for sure, so the next move you have to do you Diorama freak is to go to the next music store and get a copy of "Repale"!

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