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Rock-Ness Hanglemezbolt

Új helyre költöztünk! Új címünk: Újházi Ede utca eleje (Kossuth utca felől).




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Ár: 4 990 Ft
2 690 Ft (9.5 €)

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Main Menu:

- Get Wild! Play Entire Movie
- Sleep
- Bach At The Whiskey
- Forever Wild
- Bonus Bach
- Audio / Subtitles
- Credits

Selections Under Each Heading:

Bach At The Whiskey:

01. Slave to the Grind
02. Piece of Me
03. Frozen
04. Here I Am
05. Parasite (KISS)
06. 18 & Life
07. Blasphemer
08. Riot Act
09. Sweet Little Sister
10. In A Darkened Room
11. Monkey Business
12. The Most Powerful Man In The World
13. I Remember You
14. Eternal Life (JEFF BUCKLEY)
15. Youth Gone Wild

Forever Wild:

01. Bach In The Basement
02. Hangin' With Ted Nugent
03. Race Car Driving With Vince Neil (MÖTLEY CRÜE)
04. Bach Fu
05. Golf Cart Madness

Bonus Bach:

Unaired "Forever Wild" Footage:

01. One Dead Asshole (with Ted Nugent)
02. Welcome to Filth Mart with actress Drea DeMatteo ("The Sopranos")
03. Why Rock Stars Should Not Have TV Shows
04. Bach In The Pit

Interactive Bachography:

Complete Sebastian Bach discography, featuring:

- the stories behind every song performed In Concert
Click on EVERY concert song title for commentary on songs
- Original, complete artwork & tracklisting for every Sebastian Bach release: "Skid Row", "Slave To The Grind", "B-Side Ourselves", "Subhuman Race", "Oh Say, Can You Scream?", "Roadkill", "No Frills Video", "40 Seasons", "The Last Hard Men" and "Bring 'Em Bach Alive!"
- Unreleased "Subhuman Race" album cover artwork ideas by David Bierk
- This Is The Moment

Easter Egg:

Before They Were Bach Stars
- Sebastian, in 1978, makes a video for "I Want You To Want Me" (CHEAP TRICK) at the age of 10


Hossz: 125 mins

Megjelent: 2004

Stílus: Hard Rock

Egyéb információ:

Audio / Subtitles:

Audio Options

- Dolby Digital Stereo
- Extrapolated 5.1

- French
- Italian
- German
- Spanish
- Dutch
- Portuguese
- Japanese

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