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ACID DEATH Post Hall Of Mirrors Album Teaser


ACID DEATH Post Hall Of Mirrors Album Teaser

Greek progressive/technical metallers, Acid Death, recently finished recordings for their upcoming album, Hall Of Mirrors. They have issued the following update:

"Almost 10 months of hard work came to the end. Acid Death's Hall Of Mirrors album, our sixth official release, is completed, mixed and mastered. We are really happy with the final result. Fotis Benardo (SiXforNinE, ex-SepticFlesh) who undertook the co-production at Devasoundz studios, gave his 100% and built a really solid and massive sound. Also we are really happy to include two multi-camera live videos from Acid Death's recent appearance with The Haunted at Club Kyttaro in Athens, Greece.

Hall Of Mirrors will be the band’s new passage to find a new record deal. Check out the Bandcamp page at the link below and hear the album’s audio teaser to have a very first view on how Acid Death's Hall Of Mirrors sounds..."

ACID DEATH Post Hall Of Mirrors Album Teaser
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