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Crystal Eyes Recruits New Drummer Henrik Birgersson


Crystal Eyes Recruits New Drummer Henrik Birgersson

Vocalist Mikael Dahl from Crystal Eyes just checked in with this announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"The reason for the lack of Crystal Eyes news lately is simply because there's hasn't been any band to write about. In February last year we had reached a point where the chemistry of the band didn't work and we just couldn't agree on anything.

"Because of this I had lost my passion for writing and playing music so when Niclas wanted to leave the band for the 3rd time I saw no other way but to split up the rest of the line up. There was no news about this because I didn't want to end the name Crystal Eyes after so many years and I knew the desire to create music would come back.

"So here we are today and the time is right for a new beginning. After 19 years together Claes Wikander is of course still in the band and there's no way I could do this without him. 2 years ago I met a drummer who had the same musical taste, influence and vision as me and instantly became a good friend. When my and Claes other band Defenders Of The Faith (Judas Priest tribute) needed a new drummer in late 2014 he did an audition that completely blew us away and after a year playing together we begin to realise that there was a future after all. He's without any doubt the best drummer we've ever played with and a big reason for getting our inspiration back to continue the path of Crystal Eyes. Welcome to the band Henrik Birgersson.

"Right now we're busy writing songs and just having fun. When the time is right we'll announce the second guitarist. Watch Henrik warming up on the drums in the clip below."

Crystal Eyes Recruits New Drummer Henrik Birgersson
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