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RAVENSCRY To Release The Invisible Album In February; Details Revealed


RAVENSCRY To Release The Invisible Album In February; Details Revealed

After almost three years from the release of their last album, The Attraction Of Opposites (May 2014), Ravenscry have announced the release date for their third studio album, The Invisible. The Concept album will be released on February 24th. The Invisible will be distributed on all the digital platforms worldwide (except for Japan) by Audioglobe, and the physical format will be available worldwide (except for Japan) thanks to the brand new agreement signed with Plastic Head.

The new album was recorded between June and September 2016 at the Ravenstudio (instrumental parts) and at the Big Bang Studio (vocal parts), it is now through the mixing process, which is being done by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Entombed), who already worked on the mix of The Attraction Of Opposites. The master will be done by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Delain, Epica, Primal Fear) at the Hansen Studios in January.

The Invisible is the first Ravenscry concept album. Unlikely the previous ones the composing process has been very different, as the band stated: “Creating a story and giving it a soul with music is an extraordinary job and it is fascinating, but also very hard. We got through a lot of issues and deep human emotions, digging inside every single one of us in search for the right sensations in order to translate them into music. We had an incredible amount of material to work on; we had to take some hard decisions, mainly based on the emotions we wanted to give to the listener, song by song, guided by the story. This way of working got us very deeply into what we were doing. These months have been extremely hard, but we are very satisfied about the results and we can’t wait for you to listen to it!”

The Invisible talks about a young library assistant, Coral, who lives and works in a small town in Colorado; but she is not born there, she grew up in an orphanage. Coral spends all her day between books and archives, that is probably because it is her passion, but also because she is not that great in communicating with other people. One day she finds a book with a peculiar picture, which reminds her of distant memories. From this moment on her life changes, because she starts a journey, inside and outside herself, without knowing where this will bring her and without knowing what she will find at the end of it. A risky trip, which could lead to nothing… or to everything.

It is a complex journey, as you can see also from the tracklisting below, which takes place among full songs (in parentheses), interludes and words written by the characters of the story. It is a plot that has to be listened in its fullness to be completely understood.

The artwork of The Invisible was designed by Mario Sànchez Nevado, also known as Aègis Strife. He is an illustrator and a storyteller, he has in his curriculum exhibitions at the MoMa and at the New York Guggenheim, but also many other international rewards of his work.

RAVENSCRY To Release The Invisible Album In February; Details Revealed
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