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H.E.A.T. announce new album


H.E.A.T. announce new album
Sweden's melodic rock legends H.E.A.T are storming back with their hugely anticipated new studio album 'Into The Great Unknown' on September 22.
A formal press release is to follow in a few weeks.
But for now - here is the track listing and running time (44.48). 
01. Bastard Of Society 03:50
02. Redefined 04:19
03. Shit City 03:51
04. Time On Our Side 03:53
05. Best Of The Broken 04:32
06. Eye Of The Storm 03:41
07. Blind Leads The Blind 03:22
08. We Rule 05:45
09. Do You Want It 04:05
10. Into The Great Unknown 07:24

H.E.A.T. announce new album
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