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New Album Details Posted By Vhäldemar


New Album Details Posted By Vhäldemar

Spanish heavy metal band Vhäldemar revealed the cover artwork (created by Warbanner) and track list for the long awaited fifth full length album "Against All Kings." The album will be released on November 7th via Fighter Records.

The album was recorded at Chromacity Studios during the first half of this year and we already had an advance in the form of a the limited EP "Old King's Visions (part V)," issued last month.

Now Vhäldemar can proudly say this is the best album in the discography, a powerful opus conformed by 11 true metal hymns full of memorable riffs, killer choruses and awesome solos.

The track list for "Against All Kings" is as follows:

1. Metalizer
2. Old King's Visions (Part V)
3. Against All Kings
4. Eye For an Eye
5. I Will Stand Forever
6. Vulcano
7. Howling at the Moon
8. The Last to Die
9. Walking in the Rain
10. Rebel Mind
11. Titans in D Minor

New Album Details Posted By Vhäldemar
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