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New Album "Returno" Announced By Kaos Krew


Finnish industrial metal act Kaos Krew will release the new album "Returno" on September 15th via Inverse Records. The album is the first since 2013's "Corruption Rules This World."

The six-piece took its first breath in 2004 as an one man’s project when the band was founded by the guitarist and band member Ulf Skog in Jakobstad, Finland. Later on in 2005 Göran Fellman (ex-Stormwing) and now ex-band member Tomas Öst was added to the line-up (ex-Wild Force).

The band’s music style industrial metal even though it has ended up under many different metal genre labels during the active years from around the globe. However, the music is what the band calls "crossover metal," which is based on heavy riffing with the addition of synthesizers and loops from the industrial scene.

The track listing is:

1. End My Pride (see video clip here)
2. Man Down
3. Dying to Survive
4. When Soldiers Cry
5. Panama
6. Crippled by Belief
7. Through Flames
8. Dead and Gone
9. Follow Him
10. Big Sale (Live)

New Album
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