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DAMON JOHNSON - New Live Album, Birmingham Tonight, Detailed


DAMON JOHNSON - New Live Album, Birmingham Tonight, Detailed

Guitarist / vocalist Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders, Brother Cane, Alice Cooper) will digitally release his new live album, Birmingham Tonight, on September 22nd via Double Dragon Records. iTunes pre-orders begin September 16th, with physical CDs listed as "available soon."

Birmingham Tonight features 16 songs captured live from Damon Johnson's performance at WorkPlay in Birmingham, Alabama on March 25, 2016. "We had such a special night at WorkPlay in Birmingham last year," says Damon, "and I couldn't be more proud of my band and the great job they did in my hometown. So to now have that evening marked with this live album is one of the peak accomplishments of my musical life." 

The bulk of Birmingham Tonight is a powerful collection of hard rock songs from Damon's entire career. "One of my friends described it as a musical anthology for the different paths my career has taken; that is a fairly accurate assessment. The Brother Cane material is well represented, and the entire album sounds incredible!" 

See the Birmingham Tonight artwork and tracklisting below.

​"Horses & Needles"
"The Killer Instinct"
"Dayton, Ohio"
"Hard Act To Follow"
"I Lie In The Bed I Make"
"Slave To The Sytem"
"20/20 Faith"
"And Fools Shine On"
"Nobody Usin'" 
"The Boys Are Back In Town"
"Got No Shame"

Birmingham Tonight was recorded by Tony Wachter, mixed by Nathan Yarborough, mastered by Kelly Gray, and produced by Damon Johnson. 

Performing on Birmingham Tonight are:

Damon Johnson - vocals / guitar
Tony Higbee - guitar / vocals
Tony Nagy - bass / vocals
Jarred Pope - drums

DAMON JOHNSON - New Live Album, Birmingham Tonight, Detailed
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