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RUMAHOY Reveal New Album Details


RUMAHOY Reveal New Album Details

No, this is not just another pirate metal band, this is Rumahoy ye landlubbers!

Rumahoy's music mixes bustling pagan metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation, producing melodies that run like the swell of stormy seas!  Make sure to beware of dancing peg legs when Captain Yarrface asks for a fervent "Forest Party," or you and your parrot might be thrown overboard! Oh, and what about Netflix and Chill .. oh let's better say Netflix and Yarr!

Well back to business: Rumahoy have unveiled first details of their upcoming album including title, track listing, available formats, preorders and YARRRR!
Their first full-length studio album entitled and Napalm Records debut The Triumph Of Piracy will be released on February 9th, 2018.
Captain Yarrface unveils: "Ahoy landlubbers! It's time to drink some rum, fire a gun, and sail the high seas in search of pirate heritage and gold! Yarr! Join our crew, and together we'll quest for a new pirate age on our debut album The Triumph Of Piracy!"

The Triumph Of Piracy is available as 1CD jewel case and digital album. Preorders available here.


“Quest For Heritage”
“Forest Party”
“The Haitian Slam”
“Huffman, The Pirate King”
“Kill The Trolls”
“Netflix And Yarr”
“The Triumph Of Piracy”

Load all of your gun barrels and light them up as Rumahoy have teamed up with their label mates and pirates in Alestorm to hit the seven seas for a stormy tour in the UK early 2018.

RUMAHOY Reveal New Album Details
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