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AURORA BOREALIS Announce Apokalupsis Album


AURORA BOREALIS Announce Apokalupsis Album

The alliance of Beverina and Casus Belli Musica are presenting a brand new album from Aurora Borealis entitled Apokalupsis. CD release is due on May 15th while a vinyl edition will be out on June 15th. 

The band’s vocalist, Ron Vento, says about the album: “Apokalupsis is a concept album in which we venture through the beginning of all creation until the inevitable apocalyptic war. Its primary focus brings to light alien existence and their purpose among humans. The album describes what they are, where they came from and how they manipulated mankind. It also elaborates on those victimized by abduction and why it occurs. Apokalupsis commences with God casting rebellious angels out of heaven. Unlike traditional stories, God sends them through space to stars created to keep them captive. One star for every fallen angel, countless stars for countless demons. At the heart of every star, there is a demon trying to break free and find its way to God’s greatest creation, mankind. 

“In consequence, those that escape create massive solar flares and star quakes. By manipulating space time through wormholes, their search for human life begins. Some never escape and after billions of years collapse with the stars, forever forsaken in eternal solitude. Those who reach earth begin their deceit. Throughout history they have taken on many forms with the intent of building a foundation of deception; beginning with Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In modern time they disguise themselves as aliens, guiding the lives of great rulers (from pharaohs, to kings and presidents,) with the intent of destruction. In time they reveal what they are and inspire Armageddon. Apokalupsis, once withdrawn, now visible to all.”

The layout and design was created by Mike Hrubovcak well known for his works for Six Feet Under, Avulsed, Sinister, Grave and others.


“And After”
“Even Angels Sin”
“Magor Missabib”
“The Great Expanse”

AURORA BOREALIS Announce Apokalupsis Album
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