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CAULDRON To Release New Gods Album This Fall


CAULDRON To Release New Gods Album This Fall

Canadian metal trio Cauldron will release their new album, New Gods, on September 7th through The End Records (North America) and Dissonance Productions (Europe).

For the follow-up to their 2016 album In Ruin, Jason Decay (lead vocals/bass), Ian Chains (guitar) and Myles Deck (drums) together with producer Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Wooden Sky) honed and recorded the songs at Union Sound in Toronto for what would become New Gods.

New Gods, the group’s fifth full-length studio record, once again promises a strong emphasis on songwriting and melody, complete with high-end organic production to match.

"We have always prioritized songwriting above anything else. For me personally, I have always felt more confident writing than as a "musician" and for the first time I think we have found the production that best suits our songs. We painstakingly followed our vision through to the end on this one and really spared no expense. It was a dark couple of years surrounding the band; our near fatal crash that set us on hiatus during the In Ruin tour along with some unrelated personal misfortunes that followed. I think that through this struggle we managed to come up with something very strong. I am very proud of this record and have a very good sense of accomplishment. It is dark, it is heavy and it has a very melodic sense of AOR. Most importantly, it still sounds very Cauldron and it is a great feeling to finally have it see the light of day!," says Jason Decay.

Says Ian Chains: "I’m really proud of the song writing, performances and production on this one, and it’s definitely the most confident I’ve been in a finished album of ours. We’ve basically been honing these songs since before In Ruin was even released. To me this album sounds like a major improvement on all counts, but also the logical follow up to In Ruin. I’m pretty sure people who were into the last album will like this one just as much if not more!"

CAULDRON To Release New Gods Album This Fall
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