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BABYLON SHAKES Sign With HighVolMusic


BABYLON SHAKES Sign With HighVolMusic

Sleaze rockers Babylon Shakes have signed a deal with HighVolMusic. Trashy 70s inspired glam hits the rock n roll gutter. Former Last Call Messiahs frontman and guitarist Chris Clark along with drummer Jeff Mortimer and bassist Gary Jordan have combined talents to create the sleaziest high class fashion disaster this side of Hanoi Rocks. Heavily inspired by Aerosmith, NY Dolls and all things rock n roll.

Babylon Shakes recently issued a self-released EP titled Exile To The Velvet Lounge Volume One along with the video "Velveteen Libertine" (watch below). The follow-up Volume Two EP is currently being recorded and will be released via HighVolMusic. A full-length Babylon Shakes release is scheduled for 2019.

BABYLON SHAKES Sign With HighVolMusic
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