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ESSENCE OF DATUM Sign To Season Of Mist


ESSENCE OF DATUM Sign To Season Of Mist

Season Of Mist has announced the signing of the instrumental progressive metal band, Essence Of Datum. The two piece from Belarus are currently working on the release of their third full-length record.

Regarding the signing, the band comments: "We are extremely honored to become a part of Season of Mist! The new album is the apex of our year’s long work and we are proud to release it under the label that unveiled all the great music that inspired and enhanced our lives throughout the years! RAW IS THE LAW!"

The project Essence Of Datum was formed by the guitarist Dmitry Ramanouski in 2011 in Minsk, Belarus. After recording of the first demos, the band was joined by the drummer Pavel Vilchytski, who is currently and irreplaceable part of the duo and the reason behind the machine-gun rhythm section.

From the very beginning the project was planned as instrumental progressive metal. The prominent feature of the band is raw sound, various musical and stylistic elements, using oil painted artworks as album artworks and numerous references and Easter eggs which are scattered across albums in profusion. All albums are pierced by the common scenario and concept which binds them together into a single story.

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