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CYNIC Drummer To Release Instructional DVD


Sick Drummer Magazine will produce "It's About Time", the first-ever instructional DVD from Sean Reinert of the reunited progressive rock/metal band CYNIC. The filming is scheduled to start in November and will take place just outside San Fransisco, California.

"It's About Time" will walk you through Sean's warm-up excercises, practice routines, posture, stick selection & grip variables, pedal approach, drum tuning/tones, drum selection and much, much more. The DVD will also include the performance and explanation of several songs Sean has recorded with various projects during his amazing — and still flourishing — career. Add to that some live footage and other relative advice from Sean, and you've got yourself a very unique and valuable tool to help improve your playing!

CYNIC recently completed the inaugural Hall of Fame tour. Historic in every sense, the Hall of Fame tour, titled "Re-Traced / Re-Focused Live", saw the band performing Hall of Fame album "Focus" in its entirety, along with tracks from the group's lauded second album, "Traced in Air", and more. Direct support came from progressive masters INTRONAUT and DYSRHYTHMIA.

On May 17, CYNIC released a brand new EP entitled "Re-Traced", featuring reinterpretations of four songs from the group's critically acclaimed "Traced In Air" album as well as a previously unreleased song.

CYNIC Drummer To Release Instructional DVD
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