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Details Of New Album "Transition State" Posted By Oz

Details Of New Album "Transition State" Posted By Oz

Finnish cult heavy metal band Oz is back! More than five years after the re-start of the career with "Burning Leather," the band led by founding member and drummer Mark Ruffneck finally delivers the anticipated new studio album (the first with all new songs since 1991!), entitled "Transition State." The album will be released via AFM Records on October 20th (EU) and October 27th (USA).

Oz doesn't fail to impress with thirteen cracking and fresh, traditional metal tracks of immensely high quality. Even though Ruffneck is the last remaining member left from the original line-up, Oz are as strong as ever and continue to haunt you with the relentless, uncompromising sound they are known for!

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Bone Crusher
2. Restless
3. Heart Of A Beast
4. Drag You To Hell
5. Whore Of Babylon (Bonus Track)
6. The Witch
7. In A Shadow Of A Shotgun
8. Never Close Your Eyes
9. The Mountain
10. Demonized
11. We'll Never Die
12. Sister Red (Bonus Track)
13. Midnight Screams (Bonus Track)

Details Of New Album
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