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Vvilderness Streaming New Album, "Dark Waters"

Hungarian atmospheric metal band Vvilderness has released a new album, "Dark Waters," which is available for streaming in full on bandcamp and below.

"As you probably know, I didn't stop creating music, although RTLS (Release the Long Ships) was on hold for years now. I have to thank you for all for your support and feedback. My main project, Vvilderness reached the next milestone this week, a second album titled Dark Waters, that I am very proud of. It's available on Vvilderness' Bandcamp page."

The leading melody (a.k.a. Székely Anthem) in 'Havasok / Snowy Mountains' was composed by Kálmán Mihalik in 1921. He was a Székely physician and composer, died of typhus age 26. The song was banned for decades. It was officially declared as Székely National Anthem in 2009. I took inspiration from in honor of my Székely ancestry.
The lyrics of the song are about the 1764 massacre in Mádéfalva, ordered by Maria Theresa Queen of Austria and Hungary. Based upon Székely folk ballads.

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